The dark hooded figure briskly walks in the dark of the night and strides carefully through corners and intersections. He tugs his hood lower to his face to cover it further. He looks left and right and left again. He tucks in what he was tightly holding as to not recklessly drop it. He looks left and right and left again.

“This is for the people. If I do this, people will realize how horrible it is, this crime.” He thought.
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“Governor Gabriel Esteban believes that the murder of his wife was a warning that he should step down, but his spirit do not waver despite this tragic event…”

The news never changed. One day, I’d be really surprised if there won’t be news about politicians, what they do and they don’t do, their rubbish schemes and two-faced role playing, their relief goods plastic bags with their names and faces on it like their faces are not plastic enough…… Read More Independencia


Just when I was about to finish packing my stuff, he knocks and enters without permission. “Dude, is it true that you’re leaving?” Kota said. “Yeah. It’s kind of a last-minute thing.” forcibly, I laughed. “But, I thought you were fine with this.” he meant to point at the entire vicinity; twirling his finger in… Read More Omens